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Monday Morning Star Count 2014/4

This probably doesn't look like the update photo you were expecting, but here's my EPP progress for the week:
Once the pillow was complete, I went to work on packing pattern kits for my workshop this afternoon.  Each kit has a pattern, hexie graph paper, paper clips, 1" hexagon templates from, and some 2.5" squares of fabric to practice with.  This is going to be fun..

I'll be sure to report back as soon as I can, but until then, please link up and show us what you're working on!

I bet you could make one of these faster than me...

A finish on Friday?!  I didn't even plan it this time.  (this should have been done soooo long ago).  Happily linking up with Crazymomquilts today~

Here is my Diamond Hex pillow, all done!  And a good thing too, the workshop for Long Island Quilters Society is on Monday.  If you're free Monday during the day and you're in the New York area, why not consider coming out to join us?  Email me and I'll put you in touch with the guild's program coordinator.  There are still plenty of spots available.

When the guild contacted me for a lecture/workshop in October and I started thinking about a sample, I immediately went to my comfort colors-- blues, greens, browns.  But then I asked George what colors he would choose, and he pulled pink, pink, pink.  I trusted his instinct and this is perfect for Valentine's season and the beginning of spring.  Sure, it's only 18F in NY today, but I'm thinking warmer thoughts..


Thank you all so much for entering the giveaways I had open last week!  The Dreaming of Stars blog tour was fun, wasn't it?  I thought everyone's stars were so beautiful, and so different!  It's good to see healthy variety, don't you think?  All too often it seems I find a quilting circle where things are starting to look the same.. and I can't tell who made what.  I like when you can see a quilter's style in their work.
Anyway, the news you've been waiting for..
The winner of the 6 half yards of Dream fabric is---- Joyful Quilter!

I have sent you an email!  Congratulations!

I had far fewer entrants for my survey and pin cushion giveaway, but to those of you who did, thank you.  It was really cool to see what skills people view as essential, and what you guys want to try next.   It seems that measuring and rotary cutting are skills newbies should spend significant time on.  I agree, and I like the tip to borrow your friends' tools before you invest in y…

Monday Morning Star Count 2014/3

It has been a busy week around here.  And try as I might (I brought my sewing kit with me every time I left the house!), I didn't get much stitching done..

The week started with the Dreaming of Stars blog tour, then a book signing and EPP demo on Tuesday, Costas' birthday on Thursday, and in the midst of trying to get the house ready for Jack's birthday party, he came down with a nasty cold.
So the party has been postponed, my dad is flying in from Chicago for a visit tomorrow, and I've got two winners to choose from my two giveaways from last week.  (Still time to enter, Here for the pin cushion, Here for the Dream fabric.  I'll choose winners after lunch, NY time.)  I definitely need to spend more time in the sewing room this week!

But progress on EPP is progress, no matter how small.  I basted all of the remaining templates for the sewing machine cover project and I started stitching together the remaining rings. 

In the top pic you can see the contents of my se…

Dreaming of Stars Blog tour!

What makes blenders so great?  It's got to be the color.  The deep saturated color, so versatile, so inviting.  DREAM, the new line of blenders for Timeless Treasures, is just that.  And tiny dots?  Oh, I'm in love with the tiny dots!

Timeless Treasures asked us to design a 12" star block.  I used Shannon's No-waste Geese tutorial to make a Sawtooth Star on the outside, and put a wonky log cabin in the center, what do you think?

Want to make this block?  Here are the steps:
1.  Cut  (1) 7.25" square of your background fabric and (4) 3 7/8" squares for your star points.  Follow Shannon's tutorial to make flying geese for the star points.
2. Cut (4) 3.5" squares of your background fabric for the 4 corners of the block.
3. Cut strips ranging from 1.5"-2" of all fabrics except the background.
4.  Construct a wonky log cabin (I like this tutorial from Ellison Lane) and square it up to 6.5"
5.  Lay out your patches and piece them together …

Monday Morning Star Count 2014/2

Did you get a chance to click around and see all the beautiful projects we linked up last week?  It's amazing, I love seeing what you are all working on.

For me, I finished the pink hex diamond pillow top front, and I'm trying to find the time to baste and quilt it.. this is what it looks like from the back:
This weekend I pulled out some UFOs and decided to try to turn this one into a sewing machine cover.  It's almost the right size, just needs one complete ring and the edges finished on the top two.

Unfortunately, the second yellow fabric is in my sewing cabinet at MIL's house in Athens, and the light blue.. I think I gave it away in my destash last summer.  It's alright by me though, I don't mind substitutions at all.
How do you feel about them?  If you find a UFO but can't find the exact same fabrics to finish it, will you fill in or abandon it?  Just curious.

Ok, now let's see who's been stitching this week..
Remember, Instagram and flickr pic…

What do you need to know?

I was at the library this week, browsing the quilt books (surprise, surprise), and I came across this one:
I've been talking with a non-quilting friend lately about what quilting is and the types of skills you need to know to make a quilt.  I picked up this book with her in mind (K, if you're reading right now, I'm sorry!), but when I started reading it I was shocked.  It's like looking into history.  Ancient history, it seems, yet it was published in 1998.
I was quilting in 1998, were you?
According to this book, there were so many rules!  Quilts weren't made of solid fabrics, templates were traced and rubber cemented to sand paper. The first fabric you should choose for a project is a large scale multicolored print...  (This sounds so bizarre and antiquated to me now, but I actually did start like that yesterday.  Then I added in a bunch of solids though.)  And she tells people to stay away from fabric with a one way design!  My, how tastes have changed..

In it&#…

Monday Morning Star Count 2014/1

A fresh year stretches out before us.  Full of time, full of possibility.  I don't know about you, but the beginning of January always makes me hopeful and optimistic.  It's time to start something new, but not too new.  Let's just resolve to make a new habit of working on something we started before.

Welcome to the Monday Morning Star Count~
Put on  your thimbles, find a comfy spot, open your sewing kits and let's move forward.

What is the MMStarCount?  If you were reading last summer (when the book came out), I invited people to a weekly linky party here on my blog to share our progress on English paper pieced projects.  Quilters came every Monday to show off how many stars (or flowers, or any other shape) they had finished that week, and then visited all the other links and encouraged each other to keep going.  I'm starting it up again and hope to run the party every Monday in 2014.  Imagine the quilting we can get done in a year!

So often English paper pie…

Little things to make me smile

Have you pulled your EPP works in progress (or UFOs) out of the closet yet?  Getting ready to start our Star Counts?  Make sure to put fresh paper clips in your sewing kits and stick new needles in your pin cushions!  You don't want to get stuck with a broken needle and no spare!
(This happened to me a few weeks ago at swimming lessons.  Thank god I had extras)
Speaking of pin cushions.. a few months ago my friend Eri made me this adorable tiny one from a soda bottle cap.  How cute!  And it hardly takes up any space in my sewing kit at all (1" hexies for scale). 

What does your sewing kit look like, anyway?  Maybe that can be our season opener-- for your first MMStarCount post, include a pic of your sewing kit so we can see what you see when you sit down to EPP.  (Yes, I'm nosy like that). First MMStarCount linky will go up Monday morning, New York time.  Hope you'll join the fun~

The sewing room transformation is coming along.. today I brought in a WIP from 2008!  Y…

A new space for me

A while back I decided that moving the sewing room downstairs would really be the best for me.  I loved my upstairs sewing room with tons of space, a big design wall, and huge closets, but it was far from the rest of the family and unfortunately positioned just above both our room and George's bedroom.  That meant every nap time, every night after bed, I had to tiptoe up there and run the risk of waking someone with the sound of the machine. 
This room, on the other hand, had been set up as an office for C, but over time he stopped coming here to do work, preferring to work at work or take his laptop to the couch in the family room.  This became a cluttered storage space and its inefficiency drove me crazy.  The washer and dryer are here, this is our laundry room, so it just made more sense to have the sewing machine here too. 

The transformation has started and I like where it's headed.  I can sit and type within earshot of the kids playing, and there's a big glass door …